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The most flexible solution to digitalize your service. Your digital menu on a QR-code: order. reorder. pay. Without app download, nor registration.

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Master peak hours by optimizing your F&B service

Increase sales

✓ More orders ✓ Better table utilization and turnover ✓ Reduced operation costs

Increase guest satisfaction

✓ More time for personal guest service ✓ Increase service quality ✓ Relieve staffing bottlenecks

Flexible and innovative

✓ Tailored to your needs ✓ Professional online presence ✓ Digital menu in your CI

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In House

The right solution for every business. Order, reorder, pay. With Yoordi, guests have the power of convenience at their fingertips.



Let your guests effortlessly pre-order their favorite food online from anywhere with Yoordi's custom webshop. Whether for takeaway, delivery, or dining-in bookings, Yoordi simplifies it all.



Experience the joy of dining, not the hassle of waiting. Ordering from multiple booths in a mixed cart, using a single QR code. Pick up is as simple as receiving a text, so guests can enjoy their stay with no queuing.

Fast service through digital menu on a QR code
Fast service through digital menu on a QR code
Waiting for the menu was yesterday

No app, no download. Available at any time.

Developed in collaboration with hospitality industry experts, Yoordi is equipped to serve every guest - be it for takeaway or delivery, during peak or off-peak hours, or right at the table. Easy to integrate into your business routine, Yoordi is always at your service.

Serve all guests, relieve staff and increase turnover, possible thanks to a digitalized menu.

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Our delighted customers

Together, we have successfully digitalized the ordering and payment processes in our restaurants. We appreciate Yoordi as a partner which doesn’t just support us with their integrated and thought-out solutions, but is also there for us in the implementation of our digitalization strategy. We can highly recommend Yoordi to others.
Daniel Wiesner
(Co-Lead Strategy & Innovation)
Our guests are thrilled that Yoordi works so well and that they don’t have to spend long minutes waiting in a queue thanks to Yoordi. That’s why there are some guests who order more than usual, because they don't have to line up with each order.
Martin Ruggle
Managing Director of Spundis Gastro & Event GmbH
Yoordi enables us to integrate additional wine orders into the The 5 experience in an uncomplicated and modern way. Our guests are very happy with the user-experience. We are pleased to collaborate with Yoordi in the coming years.
Flavio Brombach
(Managing director)
Yoordi helps us keep calm, even when the store is very busy! I, as a managing director, don’t have to fill in when it gets stressful, because the orders come in automatically. This way, I have more time to talk with the guests.
Moritz Mueller
(Managing director)
Yoordi has helped me structure the ordering and payment processes efficiently. It is the perfect tool for my delivery service.
Joel Pierre Conrad
(Managing director)
Our partners

Strong partners and many integrations

Thanks to our strong partners, we offer you a complete digital package with cash register integration and the most important payment methods. Do you want to be part of the gastronomy elite of the future with Yoordi and your preferred partners? Together we make it possible today.

All about Yoordi - FAQ

Everything you always wanted to know about Yoordi.

Yoordi is the most flexible ordering and payment solution for guests in the hospitality. It offers a cutting-edge solution designed for the gastronomy industry, enabling the digitalization of ordering and payment processes. This innovation brings about optimized service for both guests and professionals in the restaurant and hotel sectors.

By streamlining operations, Yoordi supports businesses in boosting their turnover while simultaneously reducing process costs. Furthermore, with reduced waiting times, Yoordi enhances guest satisfaction, providing an improved overall dining or hospitality experience.

Yoordi is the most flexible ordering and payment system for guests in gastronomy.

In a restaurant, guests can scan a QR code on the table, view the digital menu and place their order. Afterwards, they can easily and conveniently pay digitally without having to wait for the service.

From home, guests can pre-order online through Yoordi and pick up their order at the restaurant themselves or have it delivered.

Yoordi also digitalizes entire marketplaces, food courts and street food festivals, enabling a cashless marketplace without queuing.

Yoordi is designed to communicate easily with most POS systems (point-of-sale).

Yoordi has access to the cash register menu data and can thus keep the menu up-to-date. Prices are automatically synchronized and orders are booked directly to the cash register. In this way, both the POS operation and Yoordi can be mapped with a single daily closing report.

Among others, Lightspeed K (formerly iKentoo), Lightspeed G (formerly Gastrofix), Vectron, Hypersoft, Matrix, TCPOS, Oracle Micros Simphony, helloTess and many other iPad cash registers and classic POS terminal systems are integrated.

As a result, your bookkeeping remains unchanged and there are no additional hardware costs.

Yoordi can always be used without being connected to a sales register. All orders are visible with our Kitchen Display and can be distributed to Epson printers with epos.

Yes, Yoordi allows you to customize the design of your digital menu. You can customize your logo, colors and layout to ensure a consistent look according to your design.

Yoordi supports a variety of payment methods. Among them:

  • Credit cards such as Mastercard, Visa, American Express.
  • Digital payment methods such as ApplePay, GooglePay, SamsungPay, PayPal
  • Swiss payment methods like TWINT, PostFinance, Lunchcheck, Reka, eguma
  • International payment methods like: Vipps, AliPay, MobilePay, and many more.

Please ask us if your preferred payment method is not listed.

Yes, we are available for you at and will be happy to support you personally.

Yes, Yoordi has a built-in tip calculator that allows guests to add tips conveniently. You can define the preset percentage yourself. Yoordi helps you increase the tips for your team.

Yoordi works with partners from the gastronomy and payment industry to offer a complete digital package. You can put together Yoordi modularly according to your taste, including integration to your cash register and payment provider. This way, you benefit from the advantages of the best solutions and choose your digital payment processor.

Save one hour per employee daily

We'll treat you! Get a free QR code menu from us.

Simply order your QR code menu with us. Just send us the link to your menu, and we'll create your personalized Yoordi QR code. This way, your employees no longer have to spend at least one hour per day carrying menus from table to table.


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