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The perfect combination of service and digitalization. More satisfied guests, because no wish is missed. Guests can order and reorder themselves at any time.

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Just scan. order. pay. Without app download or registration.

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In House

The right solution for every business. Order, reorder, pay. With Yoordi, guests have the power of convenience at their fingertips.



Let your guests effortlessly pre-order their favorite food online from anywhere with Yoordi's custom webshop. Whether for takeaway, delivery, or dining-in bookings, Yoordi simplifies it all.



Experience the joy of dining, not the hassle of waiting. Ordering from multiple booths in a mixed cart, using a single QR code. Pick up is as simple as receiving a text, so guests can enjoy their stay with no queuing.

Our mission is to simply make your guests happy

Developed together with gastronomists

Automated tips

More tips thanks to an integrated tip calculator. Simply define the preset percentage yourself.

Without hardware costs

Yoordi is a web app and works on all devices. So you can use devices you already have.

Flexible for all guests

The perfect combination for your business. Digitalization and classic table service for more satisfied guests.

Integrated into your cash register

Yoordi can be easily integrated into your POS. For you and your accounting, everything remains the same.

Always up to date

Deactivate a sold-out product or create menus with time filters - your menu is always up-to-date.

QR code per table

Simply order at the table, reorder and book directly to the open table in your cash register.

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Strong partners and many Integrations

Thanks to our strong partners, we offer you a complete digital package with cash register integration and the most important payment methods. Do you want to be part of the gastronomy elite of the future with Yoordi and your preferred partners? Together we make it possible today.

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Yoordi can be tailored to the needs of your business as you wish, and we are happy to discuss and plan your vision with you. Our mission is to realize the digitalization of your business as optimally as possible.

All about Yoordi - Order or Pay

Everything you always wanted to know about Yoordi - Order or Pay wanted to know

Guests can scan the QR code on the table to view the menu and place their orders. They have the option to pay immediately or pay later through the staff.

Yoordi Order or Pay also allows ordering through the staff and taking advantage of daily recommendations and classic wine service.

To use Yoordi Order or Pay, cash register integration or the use of YPos (Yoordi POS system) is required, as a table plan is needed to post orders.

Yoordi Order or Pay is a hybrid solution that combines traditional table service with a digital ordering and payment system. It allows guests to view the menu via a QR code and order without having to pay immediately, while they can also order from the service to take advantage of additional sales, daily recommendations and classic wine service.

Yoordi Order or Pay works in combination with a cash register. It allows orders to be booked to tables and those tables to be left open.

Guests can later pay the whole bill through Yoordi, split the bill or pay it through the service.

With Yoordi, no wishes remain unfulfilled.

Yes, Yoordi Order or Pay is also suitable for groups. Guests can place their orders and pay for them individually. They can also split the entire bill and pay individual parts directly through the service.

Yoordi Order or Pay only works with cash register integration or when using the YPos (Yoordi-POS). It is best suited for restaurants that want to combine traditional table service with a digital ordering and payment system.

The staff can add individual products onto a table. The Yoordi Order or Pay solution offers a hybrid approach of classic table service and digitized menu.

After paying, guests can download a digital receipt for their records or mail it to themselves. If they want to pay through the service staff, they can receive a classic invoice. Guests have the free choice.

Guests have the flexibility to choose which products they want to pay for through Yoordi, so entire table bills can be split among guests or some products can be paid directly through the service staff. Yoordi Order or Pay is as dynamic as guests want it to be.

Yes, it is possible to offer more upscale evening catering with table advice and active additional sales at the table, while giving guests the opportunity to reorder individually via the QR code. Yoordi Order or Pay helps you to optimally cater to all guests and get the most out of your upselling.

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