A woman in a restaurant conveniently paying her bill with a QR code with her smartphone.
QR code payment at the table

Because good service is more than just delivering the bill

Just a QR code to pay it all or split the bill, leaving a tip and even a review. Welcome to the future of restaurant service - fast, efficient, and loved by guests.

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Without an app and on all devices. This is how Yoordi - Pay works for your guests.

As simple and straightforward as it sounds.

Give your guests the flexibility they need.

Developed together with restaurant owners

Integrated in your cash register

Yoordi can be easily integrated into your POS. For you and your accounting, everything remains the same.

Without hardware costs

Yoordi moves directly into your cash register. So you don't need to buy any additional hardware.

Download invoice

Simply download the e-bill after settling the bill with Yoordi. Your guests get everything they need for their accounting.

Cashless - contactless payment

Credit card, ApplePay, TWINT, PostFinance, PayPal, VISA, Mastercard, Amex, GooglePay, Reka, SamsungPay, Lunch-check and many more.

Tip automated

More tips thanks to integrated tip calculator. Simply define the preset percentage yourself.

No waiting time

Your guests can scan the QR code and pay at any time without waiting for the service.

Our partners

Strong partners and many integrations

Thanks to our strong partners, we can offer you a complete digital package with cash register integration and modern payment methods. With Yoordi and partners, you will soon be part of the gastronomy elite of the future. Together we make it possible today.

We look forward to advising you in a personal dialogue.
Do you have any questions or individual requirements?

We will be happy to advise you in a personal consultation

Yoordi can be tailored to the needs of your business. We are delighted to discuss and plan your vision with you. Our mission is to maximize the benefits of digitalization for you.

All about Yoordi - Pay Only

Everything you always wanted to know about Yoordi - Pay Only.

A digital menu is not mandatory to get started with Yoordi Pay Only. However, we recommend you to have one, as it will make your service even more efficient. Your guests will always have your current menu at the table without having to wait for it. So that they already know exactly what they want to order, when the service comes to take their order.

Get your digital menu from Yoordi now for free!

Get your FREE menu

With the Yoordi Pay solution, everything stays the same when it comes to taking orders. Your service brings the menu and takes the order directly at the table. The order will be added to your POS system as usual.

Do you want guests to be able to order with Yoordi? Have a look at our solutions, Yoordi Direct and Yoordi Order or Pay. We would be pleased to advise you on the best solution for your restaurant business.

Your guests can flexibly choose which products they want to pay via Yoordi, so even whole table bills can be divided among multiple guests. If a guest wants to pay directly at the counter, it can be combined. The Yoordi Pay solution is as dynamic as your guests need it to be.

Guests can easily download a digital receipt for their records after a payment with Yoordi. Moreover, they can e-mail it to themselves or their accountant. The guest has the freedom of choice.

Your guest can choose their favorite payment method. TWINT, PostFinance, credit cards like Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and many more are available.

To use Yoordi Pay Only a cash register integration is required, because the ordered products are booked on tables inside of your POS and stored there.

Yoordi retrieves the information of the open tables from your POS.

Just reach out to us, so that we can consult you on our growing list of supported POS systems.

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In House

The right solution for every business. Order, reorder, pay. With Yoordi, guests have the power of convenience at their fingertips.



Let your guests effortlessly pre-order their favorite food online from anywhere with Yoordi's custom webshop. Whether for takeaway, delivery, or dining-in bookings, Yoordi simplifies it all.



Experience the joy of dining, not the hassle of waiting. Ordering from multiple booths in a mixed cart, using a single QR code. Pick up is as simple as receiving a text, so guests can enjoy their stay with no queuing.

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We will be happy to advise you personally.

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