Enjoy the digital menu on your smartphone. Simply order and pay.
Yoordi for In House, Preordering and Events

Your digital ordering system for every occasion

Yoordi is ready to use without an app download. A digital menu that adapts to the needs of your business. How Yoordi supports your service is up to you.

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We have the right solution for all requirements

In House

In House

The right solution for every business. Order, reorder, pay. With Yoordi, guests have the power of convenience at their fingertips.



Let your guests effortlessly pre-order their favorite food online from anywhere with Yoordi's custom webshop. Whether for takeaway, delivery, or dining-in bookings, Yoordi simplifies it all.



Experience the joy of dining, not the hassle of waiting. Ordering from multiple booths in a mixed cart, using a single QR code. Pick up is as simple as receiving a text, so guests can enjoy their stay with no queuing.

Guests who can order in the restaurant via a QR code or directly from the service at the table
Guests who can order in the restaurant via a QR code or directly from the service at the table
Flexibly combine personal service with Yoordi

Open tab: order, reorder & pay

Spontaneous reordering or fast payment. Yoordi Order or Pay is the ideal combination of traditional service and digital convenience.

Alle Yoordi products in one POS system

The Yoordi POS system digitizes your operation, from the kitchen to the terrace.

The Yoordi POS system can be customized individually and can thus be used as a kitchen display, as a mobile device for taking orders, or as a stationary cash register. All Yoordi self-ordering products can be seamlessly combined and integrated with it.

Direct - Order and Pay in one step

QR-Ordering and Payment at the table.

Give your guests full flexibility. Simply order from the QR-menu at the table, tipp and pay. The fastest way for guests to pay in restaurants.

Direct - Self-Service

Give your guests full control over when and where they want to eat

Allow your guests to order and pay independently at any time. Your guests will receive information on when and where to pick up their order via a PickUp SMS.

Always be there for your guests

Receive orders for take away online in advance

Create your own Click & Collect webshop with the Yoordi Take Away preordering solution. Add the store on your website and social media channels to expand your sales and revenue channels.

Seamless Service: Skip the line with Yoordi

A whole festival in one QR code

Streamline your ordering and payment processes into a single QR Code, providing guests with the freedom of choice to oversee all your vendors' offers. Delight them by significantly reducing queuing and waiting times. Experience an increased return on investment for your vendors, all in one seamless solution.

Simply pay at the table in the restaurant with a QR code and download the receipt.
Simply pay at the table in the restaurant with a QR code and download the receipt.
Paying has never been so easy

No more waiting for the bill, serve your guests faster

Indulge your guest with traditional service and offer them the convenience of table side payment through a QR code. This way, you can quickly turn over your tables and provide a seamless dining experience.

Bring your food directly to your guest's home

Whether spontaneous or pre-ordered, you have everything under control.

With your own Yoordi Delivery Webshop, you can optimize costs and food quality, seamlessly integrated into your website.

Save one hour per employee daily

We'll treat you! Get a free QR code menu from us

Simply order your QR code menu with us. Just send us the link to your menu, and we'll create your personalized Yoordi QR code. This way, your employees no longer have to spend at least one hour per day carrying menus from table to table.


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