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Save one hour per employee daily

We'll treat you! Get a free QR code menu from us.

Simply order your QR code menu with us. Just send us the link to your menu, and we'll create your personalized Yoordi QR code. This way, your employees no longer have to spend at least one hour per day carrying menus from table to table.

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Scan and browse through the menu. Want to adjust your offer? Do it in a few clicks and without printing costs. Soon it could be just as easy for you.

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As individual as you need it to be

Developed together with gastronomists

Time filters

Always offer the right thing at the right time. Create time filters and your guests will only ever see what's actually available.

Always current

Updated online, your digital menu is always up to date.

Look & Feel

Your pictures, your logo, your colors. A digital menu that exactly matches your design.


We're here for you when you need us. If there are problems, we pull out all the stops for you.


With the digital menu, we give you the freedom to manage and adjust everything independently at any time. With just one click, you can hide sold-out items.


Expand your offering, provide multiple languages or suggest additional products to guests.

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We have the right solution for all requirements

In House

In House

The right solution for every business. Order, reorder, pay. With Yoordi, guests have the power of convenience at their fingertips.



Let your guests effortlessly pre-order their favorite food online from anywhere with Yoordi's custom webshop. Whether for takeaway, delivery, or dining-in bookings, Yoordi simplifies it all.



Experience the joy of dining, not the hassle of waiting. Ordering from multiple booths in a mixed cart, using a single QR code. Pick up is as simple as receiving a text, so guests can enjoy their stay with no queuing.

Our partners

Strong partners and many integrations

Thanks to our strong partners, we offer you a complete digital package with cash register integration and the most important payment methods. Do you want to be part of the gastronomy elite of the future with Yoordi and your preferred partners? Together we make it possible today.

Do you have any questions or individual wishes?

We will be happy to advise you in a personal conversation

Yoordi can be tailored to the needs of your business as you wish, and we are happy to discuss and plan your vision with you. Our mission is to realize the digitalization of your business as optimally as possible.

All about Yoordi - Digital Menu FAQ

Everything you always wanted to know about Yoordi - Digital Menu

We provide you with a login for your Yoordi customer portal. There, you can easily enter your menu, make any changes, and design it according to your ideas. Prior to this, you will have received a one-hour training session from us. We will continue to support you with any questions afterwards.

Yes, you can. For each dish, you can decide whether there are multiple portion sizes. The guest can easily choose their desired portion.

You can request your free digital menu in a few clicks. Click on "Request Free Menu" at the very top and upload your current menu. You'll receive your free menu from us via email the next day.

Get FREE QR-Code Menu

Yes, allergens and other specifics can be displayed. The guest can easily identify this through small icons next to the products. If the declarations available in Yoordi are not enough, you can easily create additional declarations.

Yes, this way you can, for example, only display a lunch menu at noon and an evening menu in the evening. You can also capture all daily menus for the week in advance and Yoordi will automatically adjust it for you every day. Thanks to the time filters, you can also create automatic happy hours.

You can completely customize your menu to match your own brand. There are no limits to your creativity, so everything appears professional and cohesive to your guest.

You can do everything yourself, but you don't have to. We can gladly take over the data entry for you. Even then, you can make minor adjustments yourself at any time with a few clicks.

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We will be happy to advise you personally.

Are you curious and still have a few questions? We look forward to your inquiry and will be happy to contact you personally in order to address your needs.